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Alpha Anywhere | Microsoft Access | Microsoft PowerApps | Microsoft Visual FoxPro. Wide range of common data sources, including SQL, NoSQL and REST APIs.

Contrary to popular belief, good old client/server desktop and server applications are not dead!

For many reasons, but especially one of security, exposing your application via the internet and/or a WiFi connection may not be the best way to go. Make it a whole lot tougher on the teenagers, Russia or China trying to hack into your system and hardwire cable your users to the network.

Desktop and server applications are developed using software tools primarily from Alpha Anywhere® by Alpha Software Corporation, Microsoft® Access, Microsoft PowerApps® or Microsoft® Visual FoxPro from Microsoft Corporation.

In addition, many other commonly used software and technologies that perform more minor functions are also frequently incorporated when necessary (see a brief list below at the bottom of this page).

We try to use Alpha Anywhere or Microsoft PowerApps whenever possible for all new database application projects because we think they provide the best overall solution for almost any type of application.  Alpha Anywhere is the one-tool-fits-all "swiss army knife" we like to bring to any mobile, web or desktop/server development project. 

If you already know how to use Microsoft Excel, you will be able to get up and running with Microsoft PowerApps quickly and easily since the "programming language" is based on Microsoft Excel formulas.

All these tools provide Rapid Application Development (RAD) environments but each has its own special strengths and weaknesses and situations or special circumstances that make them the best tool for the job. 

The biggest advantage of Microsoft Access is that it is probably already installed on your desktop or laptop since in comes with Microsoft Office. There are a number of disadvantages and better alternatives, however Microsoft Access is a very powerful and under appreciated database application tool that if used properly will provide perfectly good solutions.

Data Integration

Desktop and Server applications can integrate with most database and REST APIs such as:

  • SQL APIs - ADONET, DB2, Excel, MariaDB, MySQL, ODBC, Oracle, Oracle Lite, Paradox, PostgreSQL, PostgresPlus, QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, SQL Server
  • SQL Server LocalDB and REDIS are locally installed automatically
  • NoSQL APIs - MongoDB
  • DbaaS APIs - oData
  • SaaS APIs
  • File APIs - Access and Static JSON


Enterprise grade web data security with the built in application security framework easily allows you to secure your data with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Hash-based Message Authentication Code (HMAC) support for web services. This allows you to verify file uploads and downloads, digitally signing and encrypting email and for signing documents. Data encryption, login/logout.

Awesome User Experience

You get the look, feel and performance of native applications but since they are created with HTML5, applications can run on almost any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.  Responsive design allows your app to adjust to the available screen size. 

Analytics and Charting

With analytics and charting we can make it easy to build dashboards for your users.

Mapping, GPS and GIS

Mapping, geography (GPS) and graphical information systems (GIS) can be included allowing you to geocode your data and photos. 

Calendar and Scheduling

Calendars and scheduling can be included in your applications.

Audio, Video and Image Gallery

Audio, Video and Images can be added to your apps and displayed in galleries.

Reports and Exporting

Reports can be viewed as HTML, Word or Excel files.  You can export your data to a wide variety of formats.

Google Developers
Google Visualization

Cloud Services

Amazon Web Services 
Cloud Services - Amazon Web Services

 Microsoft Azure
Cloud Services - Microsoft Azure

SQL Server
SQL Server

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports can be used to take advantage of the many organizations that already use Microsoft SQL Server.

SQL Server Express
SQL Server Express

Microsoft SQL Server Express is free and a very good alternative to SQL Server, which is not free.  Instead of running Microsoft Access databases on a Server, you can still use Microsoft Access for the front-end but a true SQL database on the backend.  SQL Server Express allows for up to 10 concurrent users and provides better performance than an Access database.  The same holds true for using Alpha Anywhere as a front-end to SQL Server Express.

Microsoft PowerApps

Web Operating System

Windows Server
Microsoft Windows Server

Parallels (Run Windows on a Mac)

Desktop applications can run on a Windows Desktop or Server or on a Mac using Parallels. 

Brief List of Other Technologies Used

Font Awesome
Google Maps
Material Design Iconic Font (Google)
Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
Twitter Bootstrap 3 and 4


Xbasic (Alpha Anywhere)