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Apple iPhone/iPad | Google Android | Microsoft Windows. Native-quality, cross platform mobile applications. Responsive design that adapts for best display on different devices. Built-in offline capability. 

Mobile applications for smartphones and tablets are developed using standard HTML5, CSS and JavaScript as well as software tools primarily from Alpha Anywhere® by Alpha Software Corporation and Adobe® Phonegap™ Build by Adobe Systems Incorporated

Microsoft PowerApps is also be a great fit for companies that already standardize on Microsoft products such as Microsoft Office 2016, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Windows and Microsoft SharePoint.  Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Flow are new products available since late 2016.

In addition, many other commonly used software and technologies that perform more minor functions are also frequently incorporated when necessary (see a brief list below at the bottom of this page), but Alpha Anywhere and Adobe Phonegap Build constitute the backbone of all the mobile applications we develop.

Data Integration

Mobile applications can integrate with most database and REST APIs such as:

  • SQL APIs - ADONET, DB2, Excel, MariaDB, MySQL, ODBC, Oracle, Oracle Lite, Paradox, PostgreSQL, PostgresPlus, QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, SalesForce, SAP SQL Anywhere, SQL Server 
  • SQL Server LocalDB and REDIS are locally installed automatically
  • NoSQL APIs - MongoDB
  • DbaaS APIs - oData
  • SaaS APIs
  • File APIs - Access and Static JSON


Enterprise grade mobile data security with the built in application security framework easily allows you to secure your data with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Hash-based Message Authentication Code (HMAC) support for mobile and web services. This allows you to verify file uploads and downloads, digitally signing and encrypting email and for signing documents. Data encryption, login/logout and integration with Apperian allows you to adjust security and policy controls for each app without rewriting code or SDKs.

Authentication, authorization, encryption and device management using Apperian gives you Enterprise level protection and complete administative control over all of your devices. 

Awesome User Experience

You get the look, feel and performance of native applications but since they are created with HTML5, applications can run on almost any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.  Responsive design allows your app to adjust to the available screen size.  With Adobe Phonegap Build we can take advantage of device hardware like the camera, accelerometer and GPS.

Analytics and Charting

With analytics and charting we can make it easy to build dashboards for your users.

Offline (Disconnected)

Offline access with transactional and write conflict is built in.  Large storage capacity, data persistence and more even when your app is disconnected.

Web and Mobile Forms

Accurate, fast and efficient data entry and data capture for those who work remotely standing up or moving around and away from their desktops or laptops and often without a connection.  This is your old, boring and clumsy data entry forms reimagined with Ink, video and voice annotation.

Mapping, GPS and GIS

Mapping, geography (GPS) and graphical information systems (GIS) can be included allowing you to geocode your data and photos.

Calendar and Scheduling

Calendars and scheduling can be included in your applications.

Voice, Video Calls and Messaging

Make voice or video calls and send and receive messages

Audio, Video and Image Gallery

Audio, video and images can be added to your apps and displayed in galleries.

Reports and Exporting

Reports can be viewed as HTML, Word or Excel files.  You can export your data to a wide variety of formats.

Google Developers
Google Visualization

Cloud Services

Alpha Anywhere
Cloud Services - Alpha Cloud

Amazon Web Services 
Cloud Services - Amazon Web Services

 Microsoft Azure
Cloud Services - Microsoft Azure

Mobile App Management - Apperian

Apperian is a mobile app management (MAM) platform and enterprise app store.  Apperian adds:

Corporate authentication
Data-at-Rest (DAR) encryption
App level VPN
Copy/Paste protection
Data wipe
Jailbreak and Root protection
App expiration
Run-time Integrity check
Self updating apps
Crash log reports

Adobe Phonegap Build
Adobe Phonegap Build

Microsoft PowerApps

Mobile Operating Systems
Google Android
Google Android

Apple iOS

Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile

Brief List of Other Technologies Used

Font Awesome
Google Maps
Material Design Iconic Font (Google)
Mozilla WebSockets
Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
Twitter Bootstrap 3 and 4


Xbasic (Alpha Anywhere)